Aluminium Ghillie Camping Kettles


Ghillie's Original Camping Kettles - Choose from 3 Sizes!

The original aluminium kettle is a lightweight, tried and tested product and can be purchased at an economical cost. It's a companion of explorers and adventurers around the world and can provide you with a mug of hot water within minutes without any gas, electricity, or artificial fuel!

Ghillie's aluminium kettles are available in 3 sizes:

1) 0.5L The Maverick: approximately 2 mugs of water

Specs: 0.8kg Height: 10.6" Diameter at widest point: 5.5"

2) 1L The Explorer: approximately 3.5 mugs of water

Specs: 0.8kg Height: 11" Diameter at widest point: 7.3" 

3) 1.5L The Adventurer: approximately 5 mugs of water 

Specs: 0.9kg Height: 13" Diameter at widest point: 7.3"

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